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Fashion accessory leader, SAMKWANG TRUST


SAMKWANG is an innovative and alternative partner for the leather manufacturing
and metal decoration manufacturing industry.

Alternative leather goods and accessories.

Making leather goods and accessories make as a service.

We can solve the entire, or partial sections, of the product planning,
sampling, raw material proposal, and production process.

Our Solution

All you need to provide us is an idea.

Building upon your idea, we can help organize the sampling,

raw material proposal and production process to the highest standard.

Perhaps you are not sure of your idea?

Then, our professional designer can help you

materialize your thoughts perfectly.


Our Service

We provide our best services from planning your idea to the execution stage.


With Craftsmen

We communicate directly with you the values of our craftsmen.

Our professionalism in the manufacture of handbags, wallets, belts, metal ornaments, and various fashion accessories comprise the wisdom of SAMKWAMG and we communicate the values and attitudes that our craftspeople pursue.


All fashion accessories in one place.

If you inquire, we will guide you along with the company introduction.

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